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ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION (APPLICANT 1)  -  Please answer every question.
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Do you currently own a home?  YES  NO   Have you lived OR worked in Duval County for the last 6 months?  YES  NO
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SSI (Social Security) ($ per month)
Disability ($ per month)
Court-ordered Child Support ($ per month)
Survivorís Benefits ($ per month)
Alimony ($ per month)
Pension ($ per month)
Total Monthly Income 1  ($ per month)
Qualifying Income Table
 Occupants of House  Lower Monthly Income Limit  Upper Monthly Income Limit 
 1  1,429.00  3,263.00 
 2  1,633.00  3,729.00 
 3  1,838.00  4,196.00 
 4  2,042.00  4,658.00 
 5  2,204.00  5,033.00 
 6  2,367.00  5,404.00 
 7  2,533.00  5,779.00 
 8  2,696.00  6,150.00 
 In order to qualify, your income must fall between the lower and upper monthly income limit for your household size.
For example, if you have a household of 1 person and your income is $2,000 per month, you would meet the income limits.
If you have a household of 1 and your income is $1,200 per month, you would not meet the income limits.